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Every day students find themselves struggling to get writing assignments done in a professional manner. Their search for writing services online often gets them into the hands of scammers who care less about quality service but are more interested in making easy cash. Though the Internet has huge numbers of writing companies, very few of them are authentic. Majority are scammers seeking one time customers. This kind of writing companies produce work that is poorly done and often copied from other sources. They thrive on luring unsuspecting students through attractive adverts but deliver nothing in return.

So, how can students differentiate essay writing scammers from companies offering genuine high quality services? This is often the big challenge. However, reputable companies tend to display specific qualities that students can use to tell the difference between them and scammers. Good writing companies do not rely of email alone to communicate. They usually have telephone lines or even live chats to support their clients. The presence of these additional lines of communication means that there are real people interested in addressing customer needs on the other side. Students should also study the sites of writing companies carefully to see how the content in there is presented. Usually, good companies have content that is organized in professional manners, which speaks of its capacity to write.

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It is important to pay attention to the qualifications of the writers working in the writing company because they too tell a story. Reviewing samples of work and reading customer reviews both on the company website as well as on social media sites can go a long way in telling whether the company is credible or not. Another element that students should be keen about is the order form. This form can provide clues about the credibility of a writing company. A reputable company will seek to understand a student’s needs in terms of the formatting styles they need and the kind of resources that they would want the writing company to use.

Besides researching a writing company, students can use to find the best writing companies. bookrateblog.comgenerates customer reports on writing companies based on consumer reviews available on company websites and social media platforms. This online platform analyzes consumer feedback and uses a numerical score to rate writing companies of qualities that students say are important to them. After rating the companies, ranks the companies based on their performance and publishes the reports online for students to use. also features links to the best websites as well as short videos about them so students can find them fast.